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  1. My daughter is with Orange County Sheriffs Office. On Thursday on a call, she entered an abandonded house to find a young, very friendly, female Pit locked in an empty room. The house is vacant and has been for a while. The dog is so sweet, loves other dogs and even let the stranger deputies look in her mouth. A vet confirmed she is less than 2. She has been boarded over the weekend to give my daughter time to contact rescues. Animal services came out and said if they took her, they would have to put her down. They even commented on how sweet she was with NO agression at all. Because my daughter knew the animal services person, they turned away while the dog hopped in the Crime Scene van to be taken elsewhere. My daughter would take her but she has 5 rescue cats from crime scenes,a rescue rat , also from a crime scene and a disabled dog in a 2 bedroom condo! I have 4 rescue cats and 2 rescue dogs myself and am disabled. We cannot keep this sweet girl but she seems so adoptable, we could not let them kill her. I am willing to pay to have her fixed, if you can take her. I can also contribute to her funds to any rescue. My children were raised to love and care for animals and in fact my son and his wife run a cat rescue in San Antonio. If I were not disabled by a chronic illness, I would still be rescueing animals myself. We understand how difficult this job is and are so hoping you might be able to help us with this dog. If not, we will be forced to take her to animal services. I do NOT want to do this, but what can I do when others are so irresponsible? I know you understand that as well. My phone number is 307-306-7844 here in Orlando, my daughters number is 407-666-5767. She is off work over the weekend and will do whatever transport or task needed to help get this dog a home before Monday. We can't afford to board her at the vets any longer than that. At least they are making sure she is healthy and giving her the shots needed. The vet said she is way too thin but very healthy parasites and fleas were dealt with. I hope, pray you can help us save her. I can send a picture if you want one too.
    Thank you for all you do,

    Karen Burroughs *for CSI Alina Burroughs who has already worked 16 hours today so needed me to contact you! (crime sucks in Orlando...)